Emergency Lights Repair and Installation in DeBary, FL

Redi Fire Extinguishers and Safety Equipment provides installation and repair of emergency and exit lights to meet federal, state and local fire safety and building code regulations in commercial and residential buildings located in DeBary, DeLand, Orange City and Sanford, FL.

Emergency lights in buildings play a critical role in helping individuals locate the nearest exit in the event of a fire or other type emergency. They are designed to function in the event of a power failure. That’s why it is important that they be regularly tested to ensure they are functioning properly. We offer an annual maintenance and inspection program to ensure all emergency and exit lights on the premises are in proper working order in case of an emergency. This includes performing tests to ensure emergency lights are mounted properly, light bulbs are in good condition, and the entire unit is in good mechanical condition.

We also provide emergency lights repair and installation within 24 to 72 hours anywhere in DeBary, DeLand, Orange City and Sanford. We stock exit lights and emergency light kits to replace those units that cannot be repaired and when additional emergency lights are required due to changes in your building occupancy.

Emergency lights and exit signs that are in non-working condition are considered an occupational and fire safety hazard. If you notice faulty emergency or exit lights, it is important that you contact us at your earliest convenience to avoid being fined for a building code violation.

If you need emergency lights repair and installation in DeBary, FL, contact us at (407) 474-0699 to schedule an appointment today!

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