Testing & Certifying Fire Extinguishers

Be sure that you have the correct type of fire extinguisher, that it is properly certified, and that it is in working order. Our technicians are here to help you find the unit that is right for your business. At Redi Fire, we also offer fire extinguisher certification and testing for businesses throughout DeLand, DeBary, Orange City, Sanford, and surrounding Central Florida.

The Right Extinguisher for Your Business

For those businesses that are unsure about the amount or type of fire extinguisher they need, we are happy to assess the square footage of your building and show you what will work best. We give information about the type you need and the number of units your building should have.

Fire Extinguisher

Inspections & Hydrostatic Testing

Ensure that your extinguisher is strong and durable. As part of our certification process, we perform hydrostatic testing. This is an annual test that is required, and it ensures that your unit is holding its charge, that it is not damaged, that the pins are still good, and that it is holding its pressure. When our inspection and test are complete, we will retag the extinguisher.

Usually, we are able to do an inspection within 24 to 72 hours of your call. For one or two extinguishers, our testing is priced at $35.00. If your business has more than two units, we will provide a quote based on the type and the number.

Dry Chemical Extinguishers

One of the most common types of units used in the Orlando, Florida, area is a dry chemical extinguisher. These must be discharged every six years. Our technicians have the ability to rebuild these during inspections.

Exit Signs & Other First Safety Equipment

We are dedicated to ensuring your fire safety, so we work with devices other than extinguishers, such as exit signs, and emergency lights. Our technicians replace bulbs, batteries, and signs that are no longer working. For those units that need to be replaced, we have emergency lighting kits available.

When you are thinking of installing a new exit sign, we are able to place the sign anywhere there is wiring. We also install exterior fire cabinets to store your extinguisher.

We proudly service all of Volusia and Seminole and Orange County, such as DeLand, Orange City, Debary, Deltona, Lake Mary, Sanford, Orlando and it's surrounding areas. Contact us and we can help you with all your safety equipment needs. 407-474-0699.

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